the road to the real world

Good-day to you.

Within the past few months, my life has been a bit hectic. I am transitioning.

At the end of the Spring 2016 semester, I made the decision to switch my major. I was in the 5-year Bachelor’s of Architecture program at my college. Having completed two years of study in architecture, I received my Associate’s in Architectural Technology. However, I did not want to start from scratch in a 4-year program. Luckily, a door opened: Interdisciplinary Studies.

I major in Interdisciplinary Studies with concentration areas in design (I was able to apply my architecture credits to the new program), technical communication, social sciences, and humanities. What has resulted from this “leap of faith” is an education tailor-made for me. I have no set curriculum and I create a lot of my own courses in the form of Directed Study. It is the most enriching type of learning experience to be able to explore a diverse range of fields. Surprisingly, despite the broad nature of my major, my learning feels both dynamic and cohesive. Concepts I learn in British Literature can be applied to Modern Architectural Theory. The same is possible with History of Africa and the West and Management Communications.

An all-important question looms overhead, though:

What am I going to do when I graduate?

It is not that I lack direction. I have too many directions. Here is a list of options I have developed:

  1. Real estate agent – Being sociable, ambitious, and visionary, I feel this field might be a good fit. It would require me to make use of most, if not all, of my skills.
  2. Building inspector – I was one of the few students that enjoyed Municipal Building Codes and Regulations. This would likely be a temporary position, especially since I would not be able to apply several of my skills and talents.
  3. Technical communicator – In this area, I would like be a technical writer, a job not necessarily the most fulfilling but sometimes building a career takes baby steps.
  4. Graduate school – Within this realm are endless options including: Student Affairs Administration, Higher Education Administration, Public Administration, and Technical Communications. I definitely can envision myself working with students and think my range of interests would be an asset.
  5. Entrepreneurship – One of the crazier ideas I have had is to start an information architecture or design consultation firm (I would probably work for one before doing so). Being a critical thinker, analytical, and creative, I feel being able to provide advice to professionals in regards to communicating information would be engaging and valued in the workforce. Additionally, I hope to own an event venue at some point.
  6. A combination – I have been told that I might be the type of person to move from job to job. While I want to find a specific niche and stay committed to a position, I know I am a bit of a free spirit and could adapt to different roles. Being open to different experiences is a value of mine.

I have until next fall to select a path. Until then, I am in the business exploring various opportunities through internships and networking. By all means, if you have career advice, send me an email ( or comment below.


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