centro visitatori (part two)

Happy National Architecture Week!

concetto affermazione numero uno

We tried to recreate and envision the sensory experience of being on this site, realizing that the Ancient Romans once trekked the soil, heard the crashing waves, and saw Vesuvius in the distance; thus, the only thing separating ourselves and the Ancient Romans is time. Our design of a visitor center for Roman ruins integrates the concept of time by showing an evolution of the site and building through spatial organizations, the use of light, material selections, and site features. A waterway, stimulating the senses, guides a visitor from the Traversa Punta Capo along south wall of the building’s west wing towards the east wing which is embedded in the hillside with a green roof gently sloping up and out to the Bay of Naples. As the water travels through a passage between the two wings, it brings one to a glass entry vestibule. The interior spaces of both the private (east) wing and public (west) wing are both versatile and offer the visitor the freedom to explore different views and different feelings utilizing dynamic forms, curtain wall systems, strong structural components—reminiscent of ancient forms of construction, as well as subtle aesthetic touches. The building and surrounding site articulate the permanence of place and changing of times.

While that first draft for a concept statement is a bit wordy and may not describe the design in a concise manner, it is a starting point. The following are our most recent sketches. (I apologize for the lack of both a North Arrow and more descriptive drawings and diagrams.)

Click on the image to enlarge.


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